Thursday, February 05, 2009

Blogs I like

I am a Lurker. Every day before i even start reflecting Deep Thoughts i check on Blogs. Here are the ones i love and read daily-

Una Rocks cause its random and full of good music tips
Gastronom -It includes all the foodie Blogs and i can dream of fancy meals i could try and create
Maman Poulet-For all insights especially on current afairs, policy & politics
Cheap Eats-Bargain Alerts Great Site
Panti-Cuase its Panti
Grannymar- Gems of Advice to be gotten here -A must read especially if your a student like myself tips on cooking and cleaning on the cheap!
Unemployed Blog-Recently Discovered this Blog and its excellent
Well Done Fillet-Also a recent Discovery Very Funny
Nialler 9-All good things on Music
Limerick Blogger-For all my Limerick News its excellent
Indie Limerick-Give News on Local Gigs and Reviews
Alexia Golez and Damien Mulley are also in my daily look for random news and links -I also use the very addictive Twitter
So yeah feck now i know where most of the day goes.....

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing the links.Will most defently take a look at those now!:)