Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bloody head lice

I would just like to have a little rant about head Lice!

Last week child number 1 came home and said Mommy my head is itchy, so I did no more than take her to the bathroom wash her hair and condition like crazy, which is no mean feat working on the basis that she has hair like Diana Ross circa 1980's
Took her back to the lounge and got the trusty head lice comb out and there they were the little bastards crawling and wriggling about, so cue then sitting there for at least an hour and a half combing through her hair checking for the beasties.

Friday night last week washed her hair and we have more of them, so normally I'm a one for doing things naturally and not putting chemicals on your kids hair, but by this point Im a little pissed off to say the least so whack the chemicals all over her hair, thinking right you little nasty things ( or something similar to that) Ill get you this time.

Bliss come's Monday  washed her hair, nothing, not a sausage a general whoop went up in the house and child number 1 breathed a huge sigh .

So that gets  us to tonight bath night wash her hair sit down with a  cup of tea ready to start the torture session on child, what do I find but five of the bloody things in her hair!

Arrgggggh Im not one to swear much on line but I hate fucking headlice!

Thanks for that feel much better now


  1. poor kid
    I was invited up for coffee once to a neighbour who has 4 kids came home and got a phone call to say all 4 kid's had lice so I went mad on the chemical stuff

  2. I remember the stink of that stuff....and the pain from the comb. I saw ads recently of a new spray on the market.

    I wonder do the headlice shampoo makers sneak around infecting children with head lice so they can make money??

  3. Try some of this stuff: grapefruit seed extract.

    I don't know if it will sort it out, but it's cheap and a brilliant thing to have in the house. Look at all the uses!

  4. Yes only the chemical stuff tends to work, good luck on dealing with them its not easy.Try google for some tips!:)

  5. Ahh thanks guys, chatted with teacher, and the attitude is oh well never mind they all get it!, thanks for the heads up about the Grapefruit extract will certainly give it a try

  6. While I love the idea of using all natural stuff to keep these nasties at bay, I have found only the real stuff works. And now my confession, I used puppy flea shampoo on my bunch. We moved to an area where it was a constant, drove me insane! A once a week washing with the puppy flea shampoo kept them from ever returning and made for nice shiney hair :o) Way cheaper than the lice shampoo and if I recall correctly the same additives.

  7. oh cool will try that one too, Puppy flea shampoo cool

  8. Where did that head lice came from? Is there any way to stop them? coz it’s kind of annoying when they are living on you, your scalp will be itchy and sometimes you can’t concentrate on your works. The most things are when I was in a meeting and in front of my co investors I scratch my head and I can’t stop it coz it’s so itchy is there any quick head lice treatment that can help me with it.