Monday, February 23, 2009

End of the line

After working the most of my life I now find myself jobless .

You know it's not so much the job but the way we found out that they wanted one person to go. I work in a small town where everyone know's everyone else's business , so we found out from other people in the shopping centre , when we approched our manager we were told that yes they wanted one volantary redundacy so I volanteered as I was last in and also the oldest . Have to say I will miss the customer's but I will not miss the lack of commucation between company and staff , sometimes we felt incompetent because we wer'nt told thing's . Sorry for the rant but I feel disappointed with the way thing's worked out . So in other word's I can't see myself ever working again as I can't abide all this drama.


  1. Ive been made redundant twice in my working life, both not easy but did find other jobs.

    Im now self employed, have been for the past four years. I enjoy being my own boss, I have a certain amount of flexibility. But do miss having work colleagues,and the banter and the motivation this would create.

    Being self employed the only dramas I get are the ones I create!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the fact you lost your job!
    Its not easy finding a new job and fitting in.But if you ask me looking for a job is the hard part.
    Yes I have worked in the sales industry and noticed the lack of communication between the "superior" staff and us the humble salespeople!More things would get done and people would be more relaxed if that were to be sorted out.

  3. totally agree lili it seems such a shame . Maybe that is the new way of working, but does it

  4. What an odd way to find out about a job loss. Seems to be a crappy way to end your working years. Was this a family owned and run business? I have found those to be horrible when it came to communication.
    So sorry your out of work this way.

  5. Trust me, I think you are better off you have not seemed happy for the past few months so I am thrilled for you, only thing is I know you are not looking forward to being stuck up the hill again!

    I have no answers for you with that!

  6. Sorry to hear that ails, but what the hey, if you're happier now maybe it's a good thing. Roll with it and enjoy your free time.

  7. Im sorry to hear about your job, however if you would only come to England I would employ you in a nano second

  8. Ails that was very generous of you to fall on your Swords. It could have got even messier without it. I'm sure you'll have some karma reward. It's not all over yet. Thank God for social networking for filling in the time eh?