Monday, February 02, 2009

Whistle while you work.....

Ok so this is just a small post. Thought I would share a very proud moment of my life with all of you..

The Whistle Fart.

It happened a couple of years back while working in Westmoreland St in Dublin. One of those average humdrum days where you are not expecting anything other than the ordinary to happen.

It was at about midday when a strange rumbling and growling started in my stomach."Hmmm almost time for my morning break", I thought to myself.At approximately 12.45 I headed away on a "break" down into the basement and into the toilets. Pulled out a book and got stuck into chapter 12 of Robert Jordans, Wheel of time, book 4.

An initial squeeze provoked no response whatsoever..After a few more gentle teasings there was still no response so with a sigh I put down the book and clutched the bowl with both hands to give an almighty, vein popping heave..

This is where the impossible happened....A teeny little poo flew into the water with all the gracefulness of a high diver. The splash back from this miraculous dive shot like a torpedo straight back to the exitway.As this happened and I arched my back from the freezing sensation a silent but lengthy fart crept out of aforementioned exit way.

It all happened at exactly the right moment to create music.The tone of the whistle was beautiful. It was heard by someone else who shouted "you must be havin fun".

I will post warn you now that my posts can sometimes be a bit weird.... If you are a major hater of potty humour you should not have read the above....

Love hugs and kisses


  1. LMAO - thats an appropriate acronym isnt it? :-P

  2. Hi ho hi ho it's off to poo I go, <insert fart whistles here>, hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho.

  3. You're a funny fucker. My missus just shot coffee out her nose, that was worth it in itself!

  4. Oh my. Well someone has to be the weird one. Keep them coming!