Sunday, March 01, 2009

Echo, Echo Echo

Well after two solid years of nagging , begging withdrawing ironing and cooked dinners I have a dog!
Echo arrived this afternoon to us after spending the first 15 months of her life in a concrete freezing damp outside kennel, as I write this she is lying on my sofa sound asleep next to the radiator it seems she is quite adaptable lol
Echo is the most gentle loveliest  natured Cocker spaniel you would ever want to meet, she is pitch black and colour co-ordinates perfectly with me( I always wear black)
she in a matter of hours is both loved and settled with children and adults alike.
I hope and I think we have chosen wisely.


  1. my bitterness and jealousy over flows........have fun

  2. she is really beautiful . glad u got a girl as they don't wander as much

  3. What a stunning looking doggy, gratz :)

  4. Nice one Anj. You're going straight to heaven for this. She's puurty!