Friday, March 13, 2009

Forgive me father for I have sinned

It been a long time since my last blog post, I am sorry. I notice though no posts worrying about quiet I have been or is Shan still alive or anything, nice to know I aint missed.

So what has kept me away, well for starters work has gone all mad on me. I have suddenly found myself not as sound engineer but as web 2.0 guru for the company and have been busy setting up blogs, facebook things, youtube pages and promoting it out there to our clients. My neck is on the line if this does not work though, which is a bit of a pain in the arse. Also people are expecting instant results from it and I am trying my best to explain that these things take time.

Its hard but at the same time I have enjoyed the challenge.

In other news I got a new camera! It is also my first costly purchase online and to be frank with the worrying I did probably my last aswell. A site called was recommended to me by a friend on twitter, unfortunately none of my other photographic buddies knew of them, but the price of the camera was €400 cheaper then Irish camera shops, so the deal was to good to let go!

So after a day of pondering weather to order it or not, I finally made the decision and ordered it on the 3rd of March. I also paid for express delivery which was for 2-4 days delivery time.

Job done.

Then on google chat a mate of mine asked me who I had ordered from, I told him and he wrote back "bollox"

My heart sank, I asked him why and was told that he had ordered a camera before christmas and it had not arrived after 4 weeks so he canceled the order and demanded a refund and to that date this had not come through, all I could think of was the worst.

The following morning I awoke to see the payment had gone through on Google Checkout, great I thought, hopefully today I should see the google receipt go from not shipped to shipped. 3 days passed and it still said not shipped! I was shitting it at this stage and did the worst thing possible did a google search on the company which brought up one forum of 23 pages complaining about simply electronics!

I decided that when I got home I would cancel the order and get the money back, but sods law, I arrived home to see it had shipped, typical.

then on Tuesday this week I received the package and carefully opened the sealed box to check if the camera was new, a refurb or simply a counterfeit. Well I am glad to say that it is the genuine article and is now registered with canon uk, so it aint even a grey import.

Would I recommend them? well to be honest I would probably order from them again due to their prices but I would definitely use a CREDIT CARD and order EXPRESS DELIVERY for sure.


  1. Ah well you can't believe everything you read these days, at least that was my argument when I was last pulled over for speeding (a few years ago, at least in dog years).

    The initial photo's from the new camera look worth all the sleepless nights I had worrying "Will John's camera ever arrive?". Honestly, I was sick with fear of what will go wrong next. Did my hypertension no good whatsoever. Next time you buy a product over the web, please consider your devoted audience :)

  2. Glad it arrived safe and sound. Why is it the horror stories of a company stay hidden until you hand over your money? Suddenly then out of the woodwork you hear from everyone and their mother about the bad experience they had! Happy to see you snapping away again, please warn us next time you plan to buy online, that way everyone can check out the company first ;o)

  3. Sure I've been keeping an eye on you from t'land. We bought a camera as well online and although I don't usually buy stuff online I wasn't too worried. We were recommended the site so we went for it. Gotta a great deal too so well worth the chance.

  4. I've bought the world and its granny over the internet and haven't had any problems to date. Touch wood.

    That would have killed me to find out the company was dodgy after sending the order out.