Thursday, March 05, 2009


So this is my first week of freedom no more work.

Monday woke up feeling a little sad but thought I'm going to take it easy so realistically I did very little .

Tuesday was spent very much the same as monday except I had to look for my birth cert and a bill in my name and passport. Took a while but managed that and thought this is'nt too bad I can get used to this.

Wednesday was a different story got up and went into town to go to the social welfare office , got in there and took a ticket I was no 33 I looked up at the counters , only two in use a number of staff laughing behind in the back and it was only at number 3 my heart sank . So i found a space to sit down and wait ,after about an hour there was this awful banging and shouting , the man beside me said someone must be locked in somewhere but no , the next thing in walked two policemen there was a drunk in one of the cubicles and he would'nt leave so he was manhandled out.

I was there for two and a half hours and hav'nt enough credit's to get any money as I only worked part time so now i just go in to sign so i can get my pension. As I sat there I thought about the other's with me mostly men some having great crack , like it's a meeting place there was laughter, conversation in many different languages and I thought so many of us all different in the same boat.


  1. They are odd those places, very random bunch of people its really weird to think they are all in the same boat true!
    Hope things don't get too boring for you, I am sure you'll be just fine with the internet,twitter,etc ;)

  2. I'd say you'll have some stories for us over the next while. There'll probably be more and more people joining you in the queues. I was on the dole for 3 months between school and starting a FAS course and cause it was summertime and I'd never had money before I thought it was great craic. If it was any longer that it'd be different.