Thursday, April 02, 2009


As much as I love food, (eating, if not more than cooking), when I go out for a bite I'm not big into all these gourmet restaurants. It's not really my style of food although I did train in this type of cooking. I like to go somewhere casual and if it's cool, bonus. We were meeting up with some friends a couple of weeks back and they had heard of some new hip, in, too cool for school restaurant near us so off we popped.
A lot of places like to throw around phrases like 'Pan-Asian' or 'Cal-Med' or in this case 'Asian-fusion'. Who gives a shit? I'm hungry! It did look pretty cool though. Fire pits, open terrace, lots of chicks (it is LA after all). Anyway lets take a gander at the menu. A major red light for me is when the menu doesn't have any prices on it. This isn't fuckin' Spago and it certainly ain't Ramsay.
You see now you're faced with a predicament. Do I act like my shit doesn't stink and order away in the hopes of being able to pay my rent this month or do I look like Shylock and ask how much everything is?
Listen, I have no problem paying for good food but A. this place just opened and 2. I don't know what the food's like so you bet your ass I'm asking how much it is.
Lucky I did 'cause it was way out o' wack. $18 for 2 pieces of sushi, huh? The fuckin' iron chef himself better be back there massaging the fish for that price.
As I was 'perusing' the menu what really caught my eye and the reason for this is to show you how some chefs think they can do whatever the fuck they want on a menu and people will pay for it.

Whoever this chef is they spent that whole time designing a menu and needed one more dish to top it off.
"Right I have some fresh tuna, a little avo and cucumber, great. What can I put with that to make it pop? Hmm lemme think. Oh I know.............DORITOS".
I shit you not. 20 odd bucks for some tuna and doritos.

And yes I did order it and in my infinite wisdom did not take a photo but there it is, black 'n' white.
Genius or Lazy, you decide!


  1. Fell for that no-price once. 100 quid for lunch, no wine or desert, back when that was a lot of cash.

  2. I love doritos as much as the next person, however on the off chance I was ever at the sort of restuarnt that had no prices on the menu I would stunned and maybe possibly frightened to see them there.