Friday, April 17, 2009

Give the blogger? a kick start

So I check my mail and find wat at the bottom in a very dusty corner, a message stating " get your ass in here and post or I will hang your kitties by their ears on the clothes line and shave their tails". So needless to say here I am!

Ok well the above may not be an exact quote, but I can read between the lines just like the rest of you ;o) So with my cats safely in the cat protection program here I am, oh not to worry I have nothing brillent or earth shattering to post about, infact if I just keep on typing I can make a whole entry about having not made one in longer than I care to admit to.

How wonderful would it be to have a great excuse, when all I have is laziness. I would love to say, oh so sorry darlings I was on a whirlwind trip somewhere, or maybe hello everyone just back from saving the endangered flying 2 toed earwig. but alas, all I have is ,um well the dog ate my homework? Who wants to read that.

Surprisingly ,I do! It dawned on me the blogs I read and enjoy the most are just regular folks living fairly regular lives, no glamour, no news worthy excitement, just the everyday things that connect us all. Now needless to say some do it with much more flare and humour than I could ever muster. In my dreams I am a great writer stiffeled by societys constraints and expectations, in reality ,I am lucky to spell my name correctly and come up with my address when asked.

However a commitment was made, a challenge to myself. So Shan do not feel you have been pushy by sending a reminder. I personally may often need a good kick start to get moving, but please leave the kitties alone ;o)