Friday, June 12, 2009


I love avatars, you get to used to them and can instantly recognise folk on twitter, facebook etc although sometimes when a person changes their avvie it can do my head in.

But some avatars jump out so much more to me. Let me explain why.

The avatars used on twitter are a perfect example to use, they very small squares 73 x 73 pixels only, and trying to get your image to be recognisable and look like a work of art is a very hard thing, but some people have managed it. A lot of the people who follow me and who I follow on twitter seem to do the plain ole head shot in the centre of the image, which works but looks kinda boring, others have taken images using their 1 mega pixel camera phone and they look grainy and bad. Some peoples images are far to dark and you can hardly make out the person at all, and then lastly we have the cartoon avatar which does not do your personality any favours at all.

I have picked out my favorite 5 avatars from the 1300+ people I follow, I have chosen these because they are so engaging and make me want to get to know the person more, they are all of females but I can honestly say that I could not find one engaging male avatar, sorry.

So here they are.





And lastly


I dunno what it is about this image I love but this is by far the best avatar I have seen by an individual ever, it goes against all the rules that an avatar should be, but it works so well.

So there you have it maybe you will look though your own followers and spot some folk I have missed out on, and hopefully through the 5 I have picked you can understand why I love these little squares so much.

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  1. I can't post images in a comment so I'm gonna do my favourites in a separate post.