Monday, July 13, 2009

On my own

Well hubby is back from his weekend away, the weekend that I have been secretly dreading for a few weeks.

Hubby went to his Mums, to try and help with some family issues, and although I am used to him out for all hours at work, the night's I have spent without him over the years have been few.

Like most marriages we have our up's and down's but being without him for a weekend was the first time that I had spent a weekend on my own in nearly twelve years together, I was lonely, I missed his conversation and moaning, cooking food didnt have the same allure to a point that I allowed the children to choose what they wanted to eat, out of interest they chose Spaghetti Bolognese Saturday, and then Pizza Sunday, easy 

We kept busy the whole time with parties and trip's out so it was not too bad on the boredom front and I spent the evening's talking to friends and twittering of course,the kids were well behaved but underneath it all the house didnt have the same buzz, the t.v held no attraction without someone to watch it with, the bed felt empty, the house dare I say it tidier.

I guess the point of this blog is that at bad times (and we all have them) considering life on my own with the children has always seemed do-able however after spending what for most would seem a short time, I have re-evaluated that I cannot function properly without him nor would want to.

I Thank God for what I have, and maybe a few more marriages should have the occasional mini seperation, it makes you think, that's for sure
Still if he could pick his clothes up off the bedroom floor, life would be perfect lol



  1. Aaah. Sweet. Am glad he's home for you... My hubby and I have too many times apart - and that's not good for a marriage either. I used to think it was the perfect recipe - just when we were getting bored with each otehr he'd go away for work and then we'd miss each other and then he'd come home and the cycle would repeat itself. Now it just annoys me and there's always, always a period of adjustment when he returns where we find our roles. Nothing is ever easy...

  2. Loved reading this post, because I can totally relate to it, myself and my wife have had 2 or 3 night only away from each other.

    I hated it, house was as you say empty I would stay up watching infomercials on tv until 4am, i would get bored of the internet, I was just so bloody lonely and lost!!!

    I do agree somewhat that breaks are good but once in a while will do me!