Monday, July 06, 2009

This thing called twitter

Following on from my last post....

Twitter is also doing my head in, since they decided to fuck around with the @ reply thing and in the process slowed down my "twittersteam" its no fun at all, I cant join conversations that I cant see, cant see people debating issues, and also have no idea what the people I would speak to all the time are talking about because they may be talking to someone I dont know, what a load of toss it has ruined twitter for me in many ways!!!

Nuff said again.

(going to bed before I find something else to moan about, like Television or the state of cabbages these days)


  1. Poor cabbages, they always take the hit.

  2. I agree with the @reply thing it has taken a huge bite out of my twitter enjoyment.

    I understand the television complaints..but cabbage? what has cabbage ever done to you?