Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eastenders Writers Steal And Then Lose The Plot

I want my licence fee money back off the BBC.

Last night I was forced to watch the Christmas Day Eastenders special. Now this is a dire series at the best of times. However the script writers of this show have plunged new depths.

Not only did they steal the plot for their Christmas show, they managed to completely bugger it up as well.

So what plot did they steal? Well there is this little known show from the States called The Simpsons. No-one watches it. Which is probably why the BBC Eastenders team felt safe in stealing a plot from one of it’s episodes.

There was a two parter called “Who Shot Mr Burns?” in which the owner of the local nuclear power plant Mr Burns gets shot. It took the writers of the Simpsons 25 minutes (approximately and allowing for adverts etc) to build up the plot from scratch, and a list of suspects.

The Eastenders writers taking the same plot line took an hour (no adverts to take into account), to basically tell a similar story. Talk about waffle and losing the plot.

Aren’t the British screen writers always touted as being so so talented. Yet based on this evidence the BBC needs to sack the pile of shite they have writing for them on Eastenders and do some poaching from the staff of writers used on the Simpsons.

But until they do I’m not funding this creative theft and incompetence. I want my money back.

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