Monday, May 19, 2008

More about the commenting window etc.

Ok for everyone that is freaked out at the moment by the whole commenting debacle here is what happened.

I was out on Saturday at a photography walkabout with some fellow bloggers, and one thing that popped up in discussions about forninepounds was that the only way to comment was either by your blogger account or Open ID.

More often bloggers prefer to enter there blog name and url which was not offered here, also they may not have a blogger account or Open ID and thus we have bloggers out there wanting to comment and been unable too, in turn we miss that interaction with people outside our community.

Commenting as we all know is what bloggers love, I think it has been said before that sometimes the comments we leave here outweigh the posts themselves, so at last the lurkers that we know have been here now have a way of joining in.

The smaller pop up window is something SL is working on, MW has been having issues commenting which has been documented here and it possibly has something to do with the pop up window been blocked, once sorted it will probably go back to the smaller window.

The Capchta or word verification is there solely to deter comment spam, and since everyone now has a way of commenting, this would include spammers, this will also be monitored and may also disappear after time.

So to all the writers here, hopefully you can embrace these changes, and to all those people we have called lurkers for ages please dont lurk no more join our cult and obey the one who must be obeyed, or at the very least please comment.


  1. Exciting not only do we learn a new way to comment but we have some new people commenting. Have to be careful now.

  2. You know what Shan I never look at labels but happened to spot it this time. "nearly as big as breastgate" is the funniest part of this post.

    Since when are you being controller-general on 49£??

  3. Hey Milan, a lot happens without the president being made aware, you really should treat your civil servants with the respect they so long for.

    Nah this is called progress we need to open those doors if anything to give the majority of us the kjick up the hole we need to keep going, call it a new lease of life.

    Although I do like the ide of controller general.

  4. Woot, I can comment! You've let in all the riff raff now ;D

  5. Hey Claire, good to see you out of the shadows.

  6. one thing that popped up in discussions about forninepounds was that the only way to comment was either by your blogger account or Open ID.

    Have I missed something here or have you changed it in the last while?

    You don't need to either have a blogger account or and open ID - just choose the Name/URL option - have a look here to see how it's done

    Again, you may have changed it but it's easy to comment. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Saying something GOOD though - now that's different!

  7. And to think my first outside commentor was from lcd tv, I was so proud until Someone pointed out it was spam.

    I still want to be lcd tv's friend.

  8. Darragh, in all our wisdom we had switched off the name/url option in blogger and only on Saturday did we switch it back on, hence why this is now a big thing for us.

    So in answer to your question nope you missed nothing at all.

    Ah Milan Lcd TV sounds like a cool dude, defo better then my Viagra spam commenter