Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The iPhone Why you have to get one.

So here it is, my synopsis of what I consider to be the best bit of kit I have ever bought.

I love technology, I have too! My job is very technical, and the majority of my hobbies revolve around technical things, so when I heard that the iPhone was going 3G I knew I would eventually have to have one.

As you all know the phone is all touchy feely using a huge touch screen to operate it. This I have to say is weird at first but after a half hour or so you fly along with it.

Button wise you have a power button up top and 2 other buttons on the side, volume and mute ringer, at the bottom center of the screen is the most used button, the home button, basically this acts as a way to quit programs, take your phone out of sleep and a few other things, as I said already the majority of functions are all done via the touch screen.

Similar to the other phones out there you have a main screen with lots of icons for all the different functions of the phone, but since this is a lot more then a phone you can also customise the phone by downloading other applications, some at a price but a lot for free, from iTunes.

Here is a look at my menu as it stands so far, as you can see from the first image I have

1. Twinkle a twitter application allowing me to use twitter while out and about
2. Eirtext for using my O2 webtexts without having to log onto the O2 site every time.
3. SMS does exactly what it says but unlike other phones keeps all the texts together with who you are sms'ing for instance SL sends me a text and I reply today then get a text from Milan and reply same thing happens tomorrow and the following day all I need do is go to the sms icon click SL's name or Milans and I will get all 6 sms's up in order, 6 because my replies are also shown, really cool.
4. Camera 2 mp pretty crap to be honest but it does geotag photos which means it stores your location that you took the shot pretty handy for me cause if i dont have my real camera and see something I would like to shoot I can take a photo with the iPhone and then use the GPS on the phone to bring me back to the location.

The next few icons make sense until you get to wordpress which allows me to blog directly to my wordpress site from the phone, no logging in to wordpress needed just blog and post. Facebook brings up a iPhone specific application for accessing facebook, once again really handy. Klick is a way for me to post my images from the phone to Flickr and other photo sites and a really cool app is Remote which allows me to control iTunes on my pc via my iPhone through the wifi network.

The next image is my next page of applications. Apps of interest would be speedtest which figures out your download and upload speeds, Palringo which is a mobile MSN/Yahoo chat application, Youtube for going direct to youtube to watch videos, iTunes which brings you to the itunes store to buy videos or music, App Store for downloading more applications direct to your iPhone then I have the creme de la creme my iSaber which transforms the phone into a light saber which makes noises however you move the phone, VNC Lite so I can connect to my pc desktop from anywhere in the world and control my pc, and I mean you can use the pc fully on the phone, you control it. Shazam, what a cool app, you know that feeling you hear a song on tv or radio and have no idea who it is, well open shazam hold the phone to the speaker for 12 seconds and through the power of the interweb the phone tells you who it is and even gives you the option of buying the tune if its available in iTunes. Netnewswire is an RSS reader so you can catch up on all those blogs you follow. Google is also a great app, from this one program you can access all the things google offer like gmail, google chat, google reader and many more.

My final page has 2 apps only at the moment, Locly and bubbles, bubbles is a bit of fun where you drag your finger across the screen to create bubbles then burst them with your finger as they fall, Shan Jnr enjoys this. Locly is an application that can tell you what is going on at the location you are at, as I said before, the phone has a GPS system in it similar to the ones you find in cars nowadays, so your phone always knows where you are while you may not have a clue, by going into locly you can find the nearest hotel, restaurant, pub, petrol station etc, once again I am sure you will agree, very handy.

As I am sure you have noticed on all the screens you have 4 icons at the bottom Phone, Mail, Safari (apples internet explorer/firefox) and iPod. I dont think I need to explain these at all.

There is so much more to say about the phone but I don't want to beat my previous post which I reckon is the longest post here ever. So I will go for a 4th post tomorrow.


  1. But it is still white...

    OK, I did a stupid thing last night. I fkng HELD one of them again. And instantly I was like Gollum. My greed grew. "We wants it!"
    But I still cannot say we NEEDS it. Still beautiful though.

    The Shazam app is available in my Sony but called TrackID. Fantastic app.

    Now what really got my attention reading your post is the iSaber. Thinking I might get one. Black of course. And then I'll fight you.

    Or together we will rule as Father and Son!

  2. Go away. I do not need one. I do not want one. I do NOT have to have one........

    (wantsies) :(

  3. Even though I know you dont want one Lottie I have heard that stocks are really starting to flow now if ever you were interested.

    Dolly the one thing that people who had never used mac's before ipods etc unlike me who has worked with macs for 8 years now is that the true original colour of everything Mac was white, so I feel that I am a true fan of Apples now and trust me it looks really nice, I saw 2 people in town who had preordered black ones ask if they could change it to white, its actually really sexy.

    I like the idea the next time you are over of the lightsaber wars the cool thing about this app is you have a selection of 6 colours for you iSaber ranging from the goods guys colours to the red and purples of evil.

  4. Dude, it's a phone.

    I read my book in the pub last night. It made me very happy :)

  5. Apple, bapple, who cares. It's white!

    And you may not count snogging or spooning that thing for tonights task.

  6. Dolly - If he is anything like my other half when new technology comes into the house - there will be no conversation to be had never mind anything else.

  7. I'm sure Mrs.Shan will be all over him when he starts doing the saber-thingy.

  8. Shan - i products are shite and your post is too long so I can't be arsed reading it right now. Ha ha. you never comment on mine anyway.

  9. Shan - i products are shite and your post is too long so I can't be arsed reading it right now. Ha ha. you never comment on mine anyway.