Thursday, August 14, 2008


When I was younger I had a nasty habit of sleep walking. Thankfully it has subsided over the years and it very rarely happens now.

However, at 3.10am this morning I got a sharp pain in my leg. I moved around trying to ease the discomfort. I then realised it was a bit chilly and reluctantly I opened my eyes.

I then came to realise that I am not in my comfy bed but in my sitting room with my hand on the handle of the glass patio door. The sharp pain in my leg was caused by the scratching of my confused cat who was staring up at me from the floor below.

I have no clue how I made it from the bed, over the obstacle course in the hall way and into the sitting room without waking up. I can't recall that I was dreaming of anything in particular.

What makes this situation slightly more uncomfortable and disturbing is that the "obstacle course" in the hall is in fact two big black bags containing my sitting room curtains which are due to be left into the cleaners. I am in my sitting room. There are no curtains on the window and I am starkers naked.

I have been having problems sleeping lately, due to the heat I think. I thrash around in the bed trying to get comfortable. I woke up on Wednesday morning with my head at the foot of the bed.

Tonight, I will be 1. Wearing Pajamas and 2. putting on the alarm so that I don't manage to make it all the way to the beach before waking up.


  1. Haa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa hah ah hahaha ha!

    Seriously? You haven't done this in years. Fantastic!

  2. oh my god scarleh o'hara i talk in my sleep my bf does be in stitches listening to me!!

    my da walks in his, hasn't done it in ages but once is he left the house walked up the street in his boxers!! my ma had to help him home without waking him and scaring the bejayus out of him!!

  3. very scary
    handcuffs the only answer

  4. I've long been a believer that handcuffs are the solution to most problems in the bedroom...


  5. Funny! I've heard that people can do all sorts of things in their sleep, like go out, drive cars and even murder people!

  6. i think that murder thing was the subject of some csi programme or was touch of frost???

  7. Tina, please don't be giving her ideas!

  8. Lottie been there too, I've done all sorts of mad things in my sleep but no starkers stories thankfully.

  9. I think murder is extreme night terrors, and you'd probably know all about it by now.

    Sleep walking is scary though - at least you have a guardian cat, I'm deeply touched by that, actually.

    Tie bells to your toes?

  10. *Picturing Lottie running around the apartment naked with bells ringing on her toes* Hilarious!

  11. I'm sorry Lottie but I laughed at this more then I did when I first read it.
    Is it possible you may have been sleep walking for a while but didn't notice as you always managed to get back into bed before you woke up?