Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sophie Dahl I Have Seen Your Future

This very pretty young lady (god that makes me sound old) is Sophie Dahl, grand daughter to that Roald Dahl, model, author and one of the beautiful people, has her first cookery program starting on the BBC this month.

But I have a warning for her. Make this your last cookery program or your future could be this:

Ms Lawson used to be as slender as Ms Dahl. But after several cookery tv series now has an arse wider than a three double decker buses. And a chest that has snow on it most of the year.

Which if we are to believe Ms Lawson from her Nigella Express series can be explained away from the fact that she has flasks of soup stashed away in her handbag, next to flasks of smoothies. Oh and not forgetting that when she makes food as presents for her friends it doesn’t make the taxi ride to the friends. That’s right Ms Lawson scoffs it all.

I’m not even going to go on about the big smug factor that seems to have been developed by Ms Lawson.

So Sophie please please you may be able to cook up a meal of delights that would make a man forget about trying to take you upstairs.

But stop with this series and keep that amazing figure of yours. Don’t become the next fat arse Nigella.

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  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    You don't know that Sophie Dahl used to be a plus sized model, then?

    And are you reomotely aware how unattractive the sentiment of this post is? And by proxy, its writer...