Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Rare Political Post

So did you catch the “historical” tv debate between the leaders of the three main political parties in the UK? I didn’t, I listened to it on the radio instead. The picture quality is better. Plus listening to the debate I was able to see Brown for what he really is and not have that image perverted by the reality distortion field that the rest of you are fooled by.

Listening to the debate I was a bit confused about who the third voice was. I recognised the voices of Brown (cnut) and Cameron (worm tongue) but the third one couldn’t of been Clegg. Why? Well it appeared every time Brown opened his mouth he was speaking for Clegg. Every time it was either Clegg and him agreed, or thought the same thing. It was very clear he was speaking for Clegg. So I assumed that Clegg had been struck dumb or something. So who was that third voice? It can’t of been Clegg else he would of told Brown to feck off and that he could speak for himself. Although with Brown speaking like that it did make it sound like Brown and Clegg were a gay couple.

If that was the case which would be the giver and which the taker? Well based on the fact Brown as a Chancellor and PM just takes, takes, takes I think we have our answer to that question.

During the debate Brown kept trying to get the point over that Cameron would be taking over £6 billion out of the UK economy at a time when it was needed to help it recover. Yet Brown and his short memory seems to forget he took out hundreds of billions out of the economy to line the pockets of his banking friends when we the public needed the money even more during the recession, and then handed the bill over to us to pay. But at least when Brown is dethroned at the next election he will have a cushy board job with his banking mates to fall back on, and the golden good bye, and multi million pound pension.

And yes we all know that the Tories are taking money from big business, but at least they are taking it and not giving it (at the moment, although we have very little left to give after Brown has been robbing us for so long).

Don’t get me on the Lib Dems. Shills of the BPI. Which party in the House of Lords just did a cut and paste from a letter from the BPI that is now law? Yep the Lib Dems. Mind you it is a BPI spokesman (ex) that is running as a prospective Labour candidate in this election.  You thought China or North Korea was bad? Just wait until the BPI has finished perverting the democratic system and basic rights in law.

But I’m going to end it there I could easily go on and on. I have a lot of hate to let out about these politicians. Hate you don’t want to hear. We all know that politicians are thievin’ lying scum only out to line their own pockets at our expense. And that every four years or so they have to fain interest and pretend to listen to us, yet like dogs all they hear when we speak is “blah blah blah blah”. They have no intention of doing anything that will benefit us,unless it is also in their financial interest.

Oops I promised to have stopped, I’m getting as bad as an MP in breaking promises.


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