Wednesday, June 06, 2007

100 new cameras

I saw this headline on the page of a newspaper today and got very excited, been into photography and all that. I then noticed it was on the front page of the Irish Times motors section and was preceded with "Garda to deploy".

Thats right 100 new mobile cameras are to be bought by the Garda, these are the ones that are in the cars that you may have seen on hit shows like cops. I have to say speeding has gone to the dogs in this country and I am unsure if this will make any difference, but I live in hope.

At the same time I raised a question for myself. On Monday last I was in the car on my way down to Portlaoise, I was travelling from Bray along the M50 up towards the red cow roundabout. On passing the exit for Tallaght you are greeted with the start of the expansion works on the M50 and numerous signs, one for 60 kph speed limit followed by a big sign for speed camera ahead.

My wife is a fantastic driver and always sticks to the limit but other cars got pissed off and drove past her at speed then suddenly when the camera came into sight slowed right down, they went over the road markings for the camera to judge the speed of cars and pissed off again.

They aint ever gonna catch the speeders with this sort of system, why the hell advertise the fact that for 200 meters you may be caught speeding after that we dont give a shit.

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  1. I've seen that too Seanachai and I think it's actually counterproductive because of the idiots! They tend to jam on their brakes just as they see the lines thus leading to a greater chance of accidents! The more cameras is onlt a good thing but, having travelled extensively around the country and seen the idiots everywhere, only when they're every couple of miles on every major route will it put the fear of God in people enough to make them actually slow down.