Monday, June 18, 2007


Mr Pink was asking recently for our lists of recommendations, books, movies, sexual positions, that sort of thing. I did ponder my top ten food/sex combinations, but then i realised I'm a bit like a broken record at the moment (something by Salt N Pepa perhaps or a 70's porn soundtrack), and my post baby hormones have me like a pubescent teenage boy thinking about sex constantly....not fun all the time, I've run some red lights, husband suffering from exhaustion, blog readers suffering from information overload! So I really couldn't think of anything, these lists are always a bit laddish, lads like lists that they don't have to do anything about. Top five lists remind me of "High Fidelity", and when I read the book first i remember sitting, many drinks to the wind, making list upon list about the most bizarre things.

So to 1984, our sky box is acting up, it's fine one minute and I start to watch a movie,in this case 1984, then it sticks and nothing works....I can't change the channel, I can't back up to where it was before, it's just there, a still image frozen on the screen. Now 1984 isn't children's viewing so when the weenies stormed into the room I tried to change channel, no luck, I tried to turn it off, no luck! So there they are my three year old daughter and my nine year old son watching John Hurt shagging a very pert young woman in a forest! What did I say? "Don't look!" Why, why are we so hung up? Both the weenies covered their eyes! Managed to get over the debris (including our huge play gym), and turned off the TV at the mains!

Before I was interrupted by the little ones I had been enjoying 1984, I'd forgotten how much I liked it, my then boyfriend gave me the book to read when I was 17, it totally terrified me and blew my mind in one. It has so much relevance to us in today's society, "war is peace, slavery is freedom, etc", I watched about half of it, seeing bits I'd forgotten about (I'd never forget the rats, when i read the book originally I had nightmares about rays). The bit about eliminating sexual pleasure to destroy the family which is the enemy to the state, sound familiar? Parents having to work twelve hour days and commute to feeder towns to keep our economy going!
So Brother, (or sister), I suppose 1984 would be on my list of books (or films if books don't ring your bell), that I'd recommend anyone to experience, maybe I'll think of more recommendations, sure if I do I'll know where to stick it!

Oh! what about squeezy honey and hairy legs?...yum:-}


  1. Eeeeeeeeew! Way too much information ;-)

    Glad to see someone else having love for 1984. I read it when I was in school too and it's still genuinely one of the scariest, most intelligent and most prescient books ever written. There are elements of Orwell's Airstrip One that have, I'm convinced, been lifted word for word by Bush's 2007 America.

    It's a work of insane, wonderful genius and the best book currently available on current affairs.

  2. You know the person who gave me the book to read has a lot to answer for, he also gave me 2001, 2010 etc, and something i need to read again, The hitchhickers guide to the galaxy seris of books. We are at our most impressionable in our teens, more open to new ideas I suppose!

  3. Oh, HHGTTG is freaking amazing. I've always loved the number 42, even before I read that book.