Monday, June 18, 2007

What is wrong with old people

This is going to be a short yet straight to the point sort of post.

My wife was in the square, Tallaght on Friday evening with my 11 month old in a buggy. She went into Tescos to pick a few things up. On arrival to the checkout she started unloading her basket and a little old lady (around 80ish) started queing behind her.

Heres the really annoying bit, the little old lady then swung her bags at the buggy nearly toppling it over and nearly hitting my childs face and said "fucking bitch"

What the fuck!!!

My wife normally takes no shit and I mean she speaks her mind, but when I asked what did you say to her, she replied "nothing I was in shock". I understand what she means I would have possibly been the same or I might have lamped the cow.

Of course the old biddy had it sussed, she did all of this while the buggy was between cash tills so no one could see, so if my wife had called security or told the girl on the till, no one would believe her, no win situation.

Oh yeah "its all there in the square".

Anyhow to any old people who read this post don't ever ever do that to my kid again, because if I am around, I wont give a shit about your age, you will be taken in hand and dragged to the Gardai, and let them deal with ya!

BTW apologies for the language but this really has me ticked off!


  1. I completely understand where you're coming from Sean (maybe we should have a list of approved shortened nicknames? At? Chief? Midge?!?) Our own MW fires off about it in similar style here:

  2. Yes Sean, happened to me as you read, It hasn't happened since, probably because I shout abuse at any elderly people who approach my children!!!
    That really is awful, your poor wife, You just freeze cos you don't believe whats happening.
    PS, some of the elderly are quite sprightly, watch out.

  3. I'm still trying to understand *why* the cow, er, old dear did it in the first place.

    I guess dementia kicked in early with her. I honestly don't know what I would have done, but death isn't that far away for her, so we could just hasten it a little.

  4. You sure the little one didn't stick out her tongue or say something offensive??

    But seriously I have no patience for old people anyway. I would have grabbed her shopping and emptied it onto the floor and smiled at her. I really would. This post annoyed me as you can imagine.

  5. Well she does stick her tongue out a lot lately due to teething, but she always does it with a smile. No it seems the elderly of today are right wankers as a few people have pointed out, look at fitzy's first post, guess what, its the elderly again.