Sunday, June 10, 2007

AKA pure evil

And one to avoid.

I've spent all my life around this city so what I'm about to write here I can categorically state is the absolute truth. Not an opinion, not hearsay or conjecture, the absolute according to Hoyle truth.

The smelliest location in Dublin City is outside AKA Bar, on Wicklow Street just up from Tower Records and opposite Brown Thomas. Not down the docks, not outside the fish market on a Monday morning, not in the Elephant house in Dublin Zoo. I have no idea why. Maybe it's an updraft vent from the sewers of Satan rising up here in all it's glory.

Whatever the reason, if you fancy a whiff of pure evil, it's here.

I'm not sure hugely why you would fancy a whiff of it but just in case the offer's there.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps few doorways that allow homeless people to spend their night does contribute to the zoo effect... the irony is that the AKA bar is considered by some as the Cocoon with cheaper drinks.. full of pozers... in saying this I was in Cocoon on Saturday night and to my surprize the crowd has changed.. it appears has lost it's glory..not sure if it is for the better- the crowd on Saturday mainly consisted of people who wouldn't even have a clue who Eddie Erwine is - YeaH, Dublin's changing!BIG time.