Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monkey man.

It's been a long day. So instead of the long post I had planned how about this one to illustrate just how old I'm getting. First beer of the evening at home. A Miller. I'm wandering around the kitchen trying to twist the top off.

Three, maybe four minutes have passed, I'm now engaging the services of a teatowel to stop the bottle top tearing my hands to shreds. I'm about to give up. I look at the top - it is, for some reason, not like the usual Miller twist-top bottles and I have just been wasting my time. I need a bottle opener. Monkey man.


  1. I need to point didn't look at the top. You asked Herself if there was something wrong with the bottle! :-D

  2. Feckin eyewitnesses. I was being colourful!

  3. See, this will teach you to leave no eyewitnesses, like the Mafia!