Thursday, June 07, 2007


My first posting is the only one that doesn't have any comments.

I'm not bitter.



I'm experiencing guilt after my trip into town (how quaint that my generation still calls it that) this morning. On my route, at the time I was heading in, it's fairly plain sailing for about a third of the way and then pretty much gridlock the rest of the way. I was in a taxi and as a result I'm now feeling "Bus Lane Angst Headwreck" or B.L.A.H.

B.L.A.H. is the feeling you get when you whizz past hundreds and hundreds of your fellow men and women all seething, fuming, possibly on the verge of Michael Douglas moments while you sit back, send some texts, formulate your next pithy blog post and ponder why the possible coalition partners haven't responded to your suggestion they rename themselves "Greena Fáil" all while listening to Morning Ireland's soothing burble.

It's not fair. Seriously. The egalitarian econut within me understands why buses have their own lanes, but me? In my private pod of privelige? While everyone else fries and fumes? Nope. Not on.

It didn't actually make me get out and stand at a bus stop just to redress the balance or anything.

I...... didn't have any change.


  1. is it not an eco nut rathar then an econut which sounds like somethings thats had is balls cut off?

    I do the acronym though BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    The reasons for not commenting on your first post? think it was the poo that put me off.

  2. I just finished a ride in the DART's version of a semi-private pod of privilege, the little Sony radio clipped to my new Dundrum-shopping-trip-by-the-wife shirt, hands rested on my new pants. I gaze out the window, watching the world fly by, and for a moment you get to feel like you're being brought by your own chauffeur to the next public speaking engagement. (Everyone else on the train are your staff, of course.) Long lines sit at the train crossing, puffing impatiently with a Cars-esque sense of being. You'd think all of this would convince more people to find was to avoid driving, but then again, we're all controlled by the oil industry, right? Time to give in and get more coffee.

  3. Well, you really covered everything in that first post, didn't you? We can't beat that. We do all appreciate that you're our SugarDaddy tho.