Thursday, June 14, 2007


This isn't about clones....or Dr Who, or Cybermen! Sorry! It's something weird that has happened to me over the 34 years of my life, I seem to meet the same people over and over again. I think the word I'm searching for is archetype? I meet the same archetypes, slightly different people, different names, different ages, but the same person in a different skin!

The first type is the hippy type, slightly arty and farty, though they rarely smell of anything other than patchouli.

Then there is the glamorous attractive friend that I can feel inferior to, these are usually lovely people and we usually wind up being really good friends.

Followed by the slightly neurotic type, I think I fit in this category myself.

What about the "I'm alright jack"ers, once they are happy everything is rosy in the garden but hang onto your hats if what you want isn't the same as what they have planned.

Then the sexually adventurous type, this is usually a sub grouping of the neurotic or hippy type. These people appear normal on the outside but have very exciting lives when the sun goes down (no pun intended).

The biggest category by far is the nice but dim category, you meet them they are lovely, it's so nice to meet someone who's opinions are all the same as mine....nope, soon you run out of things to agree on and you start avoiding them.

How could I forget the "toxic" people, you meet, they seem nice, bit hard done by in terms of happiness maybe, then you find out why. They are so filled with negativity that it drains you to talk to them, you avoid them, don't take their calls, until you become another person to add to their toxic tragic history. (I worry I fall in this category too)

What about the "fine weather friend", they are your best buddy when you are on the up, they share your joys, building a really close bond. Until....your mum dies, or you lose your job, or your relationship starts to hit some bumps in the road, then you don't see them for dust, until your star is on the rise again.

Or the "Trader in tragedy", they love it when things go wrong, it makes them feel useful to faff around trying to help. They are always looking on the negative side of things, "well I know it's a lovely sunny day but all that sun could give you skin cancer".

But of course most of my friends (not just acquaintances) fall into the this last category, the people you can count on to share the highs and the lows, friends who you can lose your temper with, snap at or cry in front of, without being judged, some I know for thirty years some I only know for thirty days. They are rare these people, I wonder why society doesn't celebrate friendship? We celebrate mothers, fathers and even valentines day but there is no recognition of friendship. We have marriage counselling but who do you turn to if your friendships are in trouble?

The thing that I think is most important is that with the breakdown of families and relationships we often rely on our friendships to supply us with emotional support, sometimes we turn to our friends before our partners.

Sorry this turned into a post about the value of friendship, it was supposed to be a funny comment on the people I've met over the years, I'm having a blue day....ah the shopping has been delivered, wine and ice cream, eases the pain!


  1. I'm one, three, five... Bit of seven and extremely disappointed about the lack of Cybermen beyond the first paragraph.

  2. I'm also equally disappointed, given the title, that there's nothing here about small Monaghan border towns.

  3. Ok Midget, I take it I am a Trader in Tragedy then!!! Huh, Huh!!

    Or is it just coincidence that "well I know it's a lovely sunny day but all that sun could give you skin cancer" is the line you use to describe one ;)

    Great post btw, I reckon I am most of them. More so during my male period.

  4. Hmm..wonder which I am? Hippy? Yeah. Sexually adventrous? Perhaps :-).

    Always there with chocolate? Absofreakinglutely. You forgot the chocolate suppliers!!