Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dail antics..

Was watching the sport in action in the chamber earlier. There was a classic scene when all the lads were queuing up to vote for John O'Donoghue for Ceann Comhairle, and the cameras skipping to various big names, when there was a moment of Berite & Lowry in the queue, sharing a joke and a laugh. Gas. But you have to love them all. Much as I hate the Dail moaners, and Rabbitte was on flying form today, the Oireachtas makes for some of the best entertainment ever. I'm only in it for the entertainment, which is why I find it a shame we lost Higgins & McDowell. We don't need celebrities in Ireland because we can talk about the TDs forever. Like this week I learnt that Caoimhin O Caolain (sp?) had a triple by-pass the other week, and that Eamon Ryan (odds on next Green leader) ran a bike shop before entering politics.


  1. Still knows how to fix a mean bike allegedly.

    I'm slightly more cynical Milan, when I see the new government together all I can imagine is the pigs through the window in the last scene of Animal Farm. Some TDs are more equal than others.

  2. True, but in the end its all about playing the game and political intelligence. I've no time for the fundies and moral highgrounders; especially ethics of allegiance. Its the electorate who decides who goes in with who so I hate when they all strop over persons and parties shifting sides etc.