Saturday, June 09, 2007


I want to post a lot here. I really do. But I'm quite intimidated! All these great posts, and I'm just some silly person, sitting on the couch with the laptop. There is a bit of (self-induced) pressure to post something brilliant. Something witty. And yet when I have the time to post, I'm so tired I can't come up with anything!

So here's a question...does my bum look big in this blog?

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  1. Polka I find it hard to believe that you're intimidated by anything! :-) Would hate to think that's happening to any of the family - some of us are just gobbier than others!

    2 posts a week is stil the aim and you've done yours (although the more the merrier from our female posters as they're sparse on the ground for the moment)

    As for if your bum looks big in this blog I'm a man and therefore automatically have no idea how to answer that question correctly.