Friday, June 15, 2007

Gift Face

Further to an earlier post, which I could have replied to but decided I wanted more attention (yes it's all about me me me), do my fellow cult slaves have a particular gift face? You know when its kris kindle time and the crappy presents are going round and you know you're going to get something totally unsuited to you but want to appear pleased and are naturally crap at acting but have to put on a performance - so you perfect the 'thanks that's just what I've always wanted' face. The one with the strained muscles and psycho smile. This is why its better to give than receive, because receiving has expectations and responsibilty.

Btw, i'm not a sad fecker in work late on a Friday, I'm just waiting for the traffic to die down.....really.


  1. I'm the sad fecker still in work on a Friday...

    And I'm crap at "gift face"

    Turns out I also get a sulky face when things don't go well in meetings as well... Which people notice... And comment on... And make me crankier...


  2. I become Little Miss PolkaDotPositive, and find the ONE positive thing in the damn gift. Then I post it the following day on the local Freecycle.

  3. I overcompensate. With me it's always "aw, that's really lovely, thanks a million! I've always wanted an imitation chrome whateverthefuckthatthingis"

    And yes, the time stamp below this is correct. I am all seeing, all hearing and never sleeping.