Friday, June 08, 2007

Learn-It-Yourself DIY (it's no lie)

If you've just gotten a house, perhaps your first, that has some---shall we say, "issues'' attached to it. Months follow where you're learning how to fill holes and sand walls, wire plugs and seal toilets, replace windows and varnish floors.

The list seems boundless. Friends cite movies about endless house restoration projects with a little hint of sarcasm in their voice, but all you can hear is the hardware store's register calling out its joy at receiving more of your money.

It'll be your home when you're done, though, and you'll feel good about it soon. Really.

The DIY Network, derived from a popular television show, collected together various tasks from the program's episodes. The result is a relatively solid range of tips and explanations on how to take on each new problem that you've just noticed.

Take on each fix-up job separately, use guides like DYI Network to flesh out your understanding of the problem, and know that the end result will be a home of your own creation, crafted from your imagination and own hard work.


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