Friday, June 08, 2007

Phobia or Hidden Truth?

Why do you think some guys cringe at being in a bra or lingerie shop, while others don't care? The same division happens when the request is made to stop and pick up tampons on the way home. A set of neurons is either there or not, at birth, I think, same way you're either afraid of heights or not.

When I sent the above to a couple of friends with a picture of the racks (so to speak) in the bra shop this morning, one responded I just need to refer to a Father Ted episode to understand it's a fear of being caught in there alone.


  1. It's Ireland's biggest lingerie department I understand.

    I prefer being in lingerie departments on my own! Means I don't get the slightly pitying looks from some sales assistants who wonder f I'm buying for myself. I must look like the type...

  2. Well SL you might have moobs for all we know?
    Atreus, which camp do you fall into though? Men have a lot to learn, I'd say it would be a great place to hit on chicks! Like B&Q for women, "oh, I can't reach that sander up there on that really high shelf, and you are such a big strong alpha male...etc", Guy might even put up the shelves or sand the floor as well!

  3. At some point my brain decided to not care too much about the judgment of others. Not to say I'm immune, certainly not (still more introverted than ever extroverted). I do find myself not giving a shit more often than I might otherwise react.

    The post reminded me of a call at work more than 10 years ago from my wife (I think this was before we were married) called because a friend visiting our place had gotten her period and could I please pick up some tampons?

    When I arrived home with them, the friend still looked sheepish when my wife handed them to her. It took my almost-other-half a bit of effort to explain to me why she was feeling embarrassed.

    Of course, using the expectation that I'm not too easily embarrassed would seem to be a call out to my honey to use her imagination seeking setting in which I might feel sheepish or want to avoid it.

    Boggles the imagination.