Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not much worse

Than being out with a few friends for dinner (and more than a few bottles of wine), and having all these great things mentioned and thinking "Hey, I need to blog that!" Then the next day realizing you have no idea what everyone was talking about after about 10pm.


  1. Definately had nothing to do with the seven bottles of wine between five of us!!!! Do you remember having dessert this time? Good times!

  2. So what was in that subsection of your phone you showed me marked "blog ideas"?

  3. Your description sounds like a deja-vu I had Friday night when after dinner with Prosecco then - wine and some cocktails all seamed full of life and connection with the group of friends.. so much involvement of alcohol induced energy - only to realize that apart from the introduction "hello"; " how are you?" “any news” everything else sounded like a “blah – blah –blah”