Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ok I have decided I'm wasting my time

Why bother I said to myself tonight? Who will notice who will care?
Just spent the better half of two hours ( while child played in the rain) sweating, plucking, rubbing, shaving, and covering grey whilst wearing a pair of rubber gloves. No I'm not talking S and M here but the pursuit of beauty and why I have no idea??? Firstly did the treadmill which normally makes an excellent clothes horse from lack of use - cause I'm having a fatter day today but so is everyday. Then stupidly decided to dye my greying hair while also applying shaving foam to my legs waited the required 20 Mins by which time my arms and face looked a lot darker than normal ( forgot the dye stains) Cut my self twice in the shower. Tweezed my eye brows to with in an inch of their life and put a face mask on that made me look even worse than normal. And why ?am I going out some were fancy? got a date? on a promise? No but I did go to Tesco's? Am I mad yes. So I ask my self why do I do it. No one notices, well except for the tell tale brownish stains to my ears and hair line I hardly notice either. So I'm wasting time and money. And it doesn't make me feel better only worse that I have no one to share my miraculous transformation with. If the checkout guy noticed he said nothing. Did my child notice yes but only from evidence of hair dye on the floor the locker and the wardrobe cant even manage to do that right! So I ask you is it worth it? NO but I consoled my self with a packet of Rollo and a cup of tea well at least I had some small pleasure tonight!


  1. Pen, at least you always get to keep the last one for yourself. Never underestimate that :)

  2. You would be surprised who noticed Penny. Guys are are just shite at saying anything :)

  3. I just did a whole rigamarole of that, for a special occasion. Fake tan, waxing, hair, earrings (I htink my holes were about to close up), heels, etc. I was just telling a friend about it, who looked at me in shock, cause I really am not one who does that.

    But let me tell ya...I sure felt damn good after that. And I also had a bag of licorice allsorts. :-)

  4. Did you feel better Penny? Thats probably the only reason we do these things! Even just the hour spent doing something nice just for you (not others, which i'd say you do a lot of),is good, maybe you don't feel differently about yourself but if you didn't do it you'd feel a hell of a lot worse!