Wednesday, June 13, 2007

...a sibling calls me a control freak because I always use the cntrl+ functions on the keyboard instead of using the mouse (it's too far away); but I can be the normal control freak type too. Anyway, what I'm really wondering is does anyone else suffer from electronic OCD like me? Other than a general need for symmetry (like purposely hitting one leg after the other had been accidentally hit) my OCD is confined to the PC. I can't reuse old text, have to delete and retype; I have big issues with spaces, I constantly insert and delete spaces. I can't handle anything but full justification; sometimes I have to rub my finger across the screen to balance out the words. I also find highlighting and deleting 2 half paragraphs makes me feel better.



  1. You MA? An OCD freak? Never had you down as the type! I always take the second paper from the top of the pile in the shop, never the first one.

  2. I have to make coffee a certain way, I have to have my clothes laid out on my chair before I go to bed, counters must be asthetically pleasing ie: all straight lines, pens vertical etc etc... So yeah I guess you are not alone, I reckon we all have our own little OCD foibles.