Thursday, June 28, 2007


Up at dawn to finish packing.

Get to the airport 2 hours early.

6 hour flight (with a 5 year old and a 6 month old).

5 hour (total, stopped for food on the way) drive.

25 minute water taxi.

10 minute drive (again).

Waking up in the house, instead of a hotel, priceless.

Now, if the rain would stop.....

(location, Maine)


  1. Yay! Welcome back to our two transcontinental bloggers. Am thining of hanging a sign on the door that say "For Nine Pounds - Dublin, London, Maine"

  2. You are really selling it to me!!! five hour drive.....

  3. Nah, the 5-hour gig was a first. Yours would probably be: land; drive a couple of hours; eat; crash; breakfast; shop; shop; drive; eat; shop; ferry; rest and relaxation.

  4. I did honestly try selling a trip over to MW (admittedly it was by text but I was in work...) think I might have put her off though when I mentioned "Dawson's Creek" was filmed nearby :-p

  5. No, MrPink, it was't :-). That was filmed in North Carolina, but was supposed to be based in Cape Cod, where I grew up. But sure, you go to Cape Cod, and it's all J-1's working there...

  6. Has the weather picked up? I'm waiting eagerly to see if you get your visitor :)

    Smoking girls and genital massagers - at least and you had a tranquil destination free of the above!I'm agine if you were on a club med holiday!