Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sharing or not

… I’m new to bloging and didn’t post as much as I should have had… I love reading it all and have been pleasantly amused by your blogs - you guys have been great in sharing your lives. I am slow reserved “sharer” – I have plenty of ideas and views as some of you may know this about me but simply found it very hard to share. In saying this today I’m sharing this with you and hope to be able to share more ....
PS.Polka Dot and Atreus please keep on sharing your experience from your second home...


  1. Hi Frank, alcohol seems to lubricate the "sharing" cogs around here! ;-)
    Nice post! Keep sharing!

  2. Think of it like confession Frank....I can say things here that i might not say one to one, but then I don't need alcohol to tell all....just coffee and chocolate! :-}

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments - "the sharing" is something I am working on at the moment meanig sharing my life not only posts ;) Thanks again

  4. I find righteous indignation a good one for inspiration! Don't be afraid Frank - we'll be gentle.