Friday, June 22, 2007

The Polar Opposite of Good Customer Service

Customer service has reached a new low: if you complain enough on your blog about lost luggage, adolescent employees involved will decide to show you who's boss---by harassing you with "anonymous" subscriptions to gay dating services. It might work unless you happen to be a prominent blogger in Ireland, who is also technically savvy and can read an IP address. The company even served him with papers to remove his blog posts---pushing free speach to the fore and keeping the odds firmly in favor of the friend and not the foe.


  1. Reminds me of the last company I worked for - big bucks software company in the UK. The motto from the sales and marketing team was "Bend over backwards when courting the client" but once the cheque had cleared "screw them."

  2. Well knowing Damien for a year or so now, I am appalled at this. I have to say that once the media get wind of this, all hell will break loose.

    Also I really do hope Damien takes this all the way to court, because this cannot nor should not be dismissed.

    His private life has been violated because of some stupid little gobshite.

    The only bad thing about it going to court would be that this would be a landmark case and thus may well change the legalities of the web as we know it and we may well have to blog very differently.

    Anyhow I support Damien in every way on this one and if he needs any help he just needs to shout.

  3. Damien is an absolutely legendary presence in the Irish blogosphere and to see him sticking it to them after they tried to stick it to him (very indelicate metaphors I know) is making me smile broadly.

    I'm hoping we get a group discount on our table at the Blog Awards next year for all this :)

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