Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Return of the lobster people

A quick intro....I am idiot and am glad to be involved in this group blog. Should be a fun experience!

Even though it is Wednesday I want to talk a little bit about the weekend just gone. What fantastic, beautiful, wonderful weather we had. Now unfortunately for me I was working right the way through it but still it was great to see people in town in their shorts and t-shirts enjoying such a glorious day.

And then comes Monday.....

Hehe it makes me laugh so hard that I feel like puking.

It's 7:30am and the streets are deserted. A couple of street cleaning machines are the only things breaking the silence of such a 24 days lateresque scene. I arrive to work and start my day as normal. At about 8:15 I see the first of the lobster people. She comes toward me shuffling like a robot, radiating redness from every part of visible skin. "Eh, hey there. Nice weekend?" I ask. Without opening her mouth I hear a barely understandable "yea".

By opening time I am surrounded by the lobster people. The non moving necks, arms spread away from the body and general facial grimaces everywhere I turn makes me ask the question...

Are the Irish stupid??

I am afraid that the answer is unfortunately yes. We live in a changeable climate with little enough sunshine, plenty of wind and enough rain to negate the need for a hosepipe ban. As a people we are invariably milky skinned and unused to large doses of fine weather. I questioned a few people about their redness and asked what factor cream they used. 9 times out of 10 the answer was........none. When asked why not, the answer was generally "Well it did not seem so hot, it was quite windy or slightly overcast". Oh my god, not only is it a pain in the arse having sunburn but extremely dangerous as well. All we hear about is skin cancer this, UV that and yet people don't listen.

If you read this post please take care of your pasty bodies and use some sun cream. A nice tan is lovely but is it worth the risk??


  1. I recently saw on television (Oprah?) that most of the damage that is done to your skin happens before you are 5. That's what determines your skin cancer risk, apparently.

    I'm with you tho...that's some insane stuff. Someone from Kildare was working with my father in Greece some years ago. She had to take the last 2 days of her time there off, so that she could suntan (burn?), cause "If you don't come back with a burn, they don't believe you've been away"!

    Maybe the pain is like just don't remember it...

  2. Welcome to the group Idiot, yep the whole sunburn does make me laugh, sitting on the bus on monday I did see much the same thing although mainly purple necks.

    Polka thats interesting what you have heard on Oprah, I shall make sure my 11 month old is bathed in suntan cream rather than johnsons baby bath in the future.

    Anyone know where i can get baby suncream in bulk?

  3. Welcome as well Idiot. You're only saying what we all think. At least their studpidity allows them to be maked in a very prominent fashion so that we may avoid them socially or for mating purposes.

  4. Yuck! I'm like a ghost, all year round! Went to france last year and I wore factor sixty at least for the whole holiday, I looked like a GHOST!Wooooo!I may be pale but when I'm older hopefully I won't have so many wrinkles as my tanned contemporaries(so can't spell)

  5. The tragic thing is that apparently sun cream is also carcinogenic! I'm bankrupting myself buying organic at the mo. I suppose getting burnt is no stupider than smoking
    - you know the risks but you just don't believe? I think letting a child get burnt is criminal though, and I saw a good few red little shoulders this weekend.

    There's littel excuse relly these days, Idon't think. A friend of mine fell asleep in hte sun, hungover, with his dad sitting BESIDE him - he woke up roasted and asked his dad why he didin't wake him, and his dad said ''Well, I knew how tired you were'. You think he could have rubbed some cream on, if only to write 'GOBSHITE' backwards on his chest...