Friday, June 29, 2007

Sky News

Ok so its Friday, the weekend has almost arrived, the pubs are cleaning pipelines as I type and the sun is attempting to burn away the grey clouds hovering overhead.
So why the title.
I arrived home last night and my mother (who is very tech savy) had written to me in msn, which I leave on all day at home, telling me that 2 people in Spain had been arrested, with possible connections to the abduction of young Madeleine Mc Cann, which is a story which has really hit me bad. I immediately switched the tv on and went to 501 on my sky box which is Sky news.
I knew if anyone would be covering this story, they would, and sure enough once the tv had gone through its startup procedure there they were doing an interview about it with their main reporter on the case.
As it happens the 2 people arrested do not unfortunately seem to have any thing to do with maddies disappearance, but what was reported next....


Oh my god!!!

Pardon my French but who gives a shit. He was never gonna get far anyhow, sure for gods sake he aint even seeded any more.

This top story was followed by another top story wait for it...


Sweet Jesus.

I switched off at this stage cause I personally (and I hope I am not alone) do not find this to be a top story, once again who gives a shit.
All this was happening about 7.35pm, but I thought ok maybe sky have filled the first 35 minutes with "real" top stories, so I switched back on at 8pm.
I was greeted with the presenter saying something about it being 8 o'clock, catch up with all the top stories every 15 minutes. I decided to give Sky their 15 minutes, not only do they report "their" top stories (see above) but you also got the weather forecast, sports news and an ad break in aswell for good measure, then this is repeated for the next 15 minutes.
This made me pause to think for a second.
Sky news repeating format equals the FM104 repeating format.

Am I wrong?


  1. You are not their target audience; their target audience is interested in Paris Hilton, Tin Henman and the Spice Girls. They're satisfying their largest target market, which isn't you.

    Calm down, check out the Zorse.,,70141-1272719-1,00.html

  2. I agree - Sky News is total waste -it repeats the same thing over and over again, as for the Spice Girls reunion and Jordan giving birth- who cares. They need presenters like Mika Brzezinski I loved her stance against the whole Paris H story, check her out on You Tube.

    I can say the same thing about the Irish Indo - was reading it during my lunch today, three different journalists wrote an article on the murder trial going on in the High court - it was like they had all copied and pasted each others work - same thing repeated over and over!!

  3. Sean I gave up on Sky "News" a long, long time ago. It is terrifying what's considered news these days.

    In the chase for Breaking News these days anything is considered acceptable.

    RTE are the only ones who still have any kind of integrity for me.

  4. Did you see the thing about the american news reader refusing to read the Paris Hilton news first, before Iraq news and whatever else? I spotted it in the Irish Times today - she held out and expained her opinions while everyone shouted at her from behind the camera. Good woman.