Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tollet Training In Fallon and Byrne

Went to the trendy food Market "Fallon and Byrne" on Saturday, actually we were in town to go to Lush (yummy, yummy Lush!) as it is presents for the teachers time of year and they deserve lovely relaxing presents! So while in town we popped into the trendy food shop, looking for soba noodles, triple sec and double stuff oreos! Two of which we got, anyone know where to get double stuff oreos this side of the world?

So wandered around this food utopia for a while, hubby had the eldest weenie, I had the baby and the three year old, now we've been toilet training for sometime now, but last week it went up a notch and we are pull up free, only frilly knickers from now on! So I'm debating buying triple sec versus buying Margarita mix and my little princess says "mommy?" There she is like a little cherub in the middle of the fresh food department, in a puddle of wee!

Quick as a flash I whisked her up, now single handedly pushing the pram and holding her in the other I tried to find my hubby before the security guard threw us out (yes they have a security guard in a lovely grey uniform) , I found my husband, gave him my stuff to pay for ( I decided on Triple Sec), and got outside to change her pants.

My husband and son followed us out, he was horrified that she'd peed, but we are really being positive (see my other blog www.midgetwrangler.blogspot.com ) he was even more horrified that she had just weed in the aisle in Fallon and Byrne, "what if an old person slips in it?" he asked, "Well" I replied, " there are no old people in Fallon and Byrne, and if they are there they are rich enough to have health insurance!"

I know I deserve to rot in hell, but I think it's funny, some rich bitch standing in the fish department, asking "can you smell ammonia?"

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  1. Think it bodes well for her future if she's already taking direct action against the rich like this. Fight the power girl!