Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sticker Books

We will be going on holiday in two weeks. Me, my boyfriend and our little dude (age 3) and the fourteen year old (as changeable as the weather) (but thats another story)

As we are staying in Ireland I have been making a little collection of things for my little guy to do when its raining. So while browsing through Play.com and keeping in mind his current passion is for sticker books I thought I would order him a few for the hols. keyed in sticker books and waited in hope to see perhaps some Thomas the Tank Engine or anything about tractors for him and LOW AND BEHOLD in between Spongebob Square Pants Ultimate Sticker Book and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Kama Sutra sticker Book. So I guess all the "little dudes!!!!" will be getting a sticker book


  1. That is so cool....I want one for my birthday, or imagine giving it to the kids teacher as an end of year present?

  2. Pip this is very, very cool. I just want to know exactly how it works?!? What are you sticking? How do you stick them together? Brilliant.