Tuesday, June 12, 2007

We need Eddie Hobbs!

Ray Darcy was ranting, I mean talking about the money people spend on their Debs ball, apparently with dresses, nails, tan, make up, tickets and drinking money (lets be realistic here drug money), it runs to 3,000 Euro. Jesus Christ, have they lost their minds! They are 18 for God's sake, I'm not gonna go on about this it's all be said before, (usually to my husband trapped in the passenger seat as we drive in the rain to Limerick or somewhere equally uplifting). But how will these 18 year old cosmopolitan gals and lads cope when the money isn't as easily earned, or scrounged off mum and dad, when the crash comes will they be living in cardboard boxes? How can they ever appreciate the value of money if they (enabled by their parents) think it's OK to spend that much money for one evening?

The exams are on at the moment, how about Eddie Hobbs having his own subject next year in the Leaving Cert? Teaching kids that money doesn't grow on trees and that some effort is required to obtain it other than, "Dadddy Dearest, I just love that Red or Dead T-shirt in BT's, ah sweetie mwah, mwah!"

My poor children are in for such a land when they reach that age, the nine year old was weeding the garden the other day before the christening, he asked for 10 euro, I said five, we settled on seven, Eddie hang on to your hat, he's your competition!


  1. I've long been of the right-wing (and contrary to most of my other political beliefs) opinion that a decent economic recession is what's needed to harden up the Abercrombie & Fitch generation!

    Harsh, but fair. Let's see how they get on drawing £50 dole on a dark, wet Wednesday morning in Werburgh Street.

  2. They don't have to got to the dole office now, just the post office!

  3. I spoil my teenager, I can't help it. She gets a monthly allowance and she buys all she needs from that so hopefully she learns something about budgeting. I think it's cos she's an only child. (On a slightly off topic point, I hate when people refuse their kids sweets or whatever and yet they've no issue going to the pub and stuffing pints down their throat and whatever else they want. They don't say no to themselves but think they're great parents cos they don't let their kids have something. Annoys me that does. I'll stop now MW!) Great post!

  4. Ash, that teaches your daughter about budgeting....what would you say if she said she needed 3 grand, you'd say budget for it, she'd realize what that meant and just wouldn't do it! I spoil my little ones too, but within reason, I don't deny them what they want but we always talk about it and there are little deals made! I know what you mean about denying the kids but I have to say I can't do that, if I've said no to the kids I feel so guilty if I buy even a pair of knickers for myself!My rich cousins used to have to buy their own birthday cakes as children and they lived in a huge house in Ballsbridge!