Tuesday, June 12, 2007

International Space Station

Oh my god how I love the internet and how it has advanced. Since Friday my eyes have been transfixed to the skies with the sightings of the International Space station (ISS) and Shuttle. Every evening without fail I can be found standing outside my back garden in Bray staring to the southwest waiting for the bright star to blem across the sky. Im sorry but at the moment I am in awe of science.

Jesus I lost the run of myself there I better explain the reason for me loving the internet. Well for one you can get precise times that you can see this event, but mainly because NASA are the dogs when it comes to utilising the power of the web.

Forget Big Brother, NASA TV has me transfixed now in the evenings, basically if you have broadband you can watch events unfolding live from the ISS and mission control 24/7. As an example last night 2 astronauts went on a space walk, their suits have cameras on them close to eye level so you amazing views of them at work, also the commentary from astronaut to mission control is brilliant, all in all its fascinating viewing.

And the mad thing for me was last night as these 2 lads were working away they flew over my house at 17000 mph floating in space, I plan a career change!!!


  1. Have I got the book for you: Moondust by Andrew Smith. He interviewed the nine surviving astronauts who've been to the moon, and mixes their stories of what "really" happened with his own childhood experiences of the 1968--1972 Space Race. If the ISS is exciting, you'll absolutely adore this book. I'm about halfway through it and struggle to not blow off work for an hour here or there to read more of it. (I mostly work at home and have to bitch-slap myself with a work regimen or I'd never get anything done. No books outside...well, unless they're technical books, you know. cough)

  2. ... Interestingly, this blog has wormed its way right into the middle of said regimen. Am I that weak? Maybe it's just cuz this is so much fun. (Insert the Alarms Going Off here on the ability to focus on work.)

  3. Fun? Blogging? Nah, don't be silly. Have Moondust on my own "to be read" shelf along with a couple of hundred other things I've picked up along the way. I'm a space nut since childhood (if a little lapsed in recent years) so thanks for the tip Seanachie!

  4. cool atreus will check that out for sure, yep have to say my household has been gripped by all thats going on in the skies, so much so I think a telescope may have to be purchased to further my photography or astrophotography as I learnt its called today, a 300mm lens on a slr really does not get close enough.

    Although one of our links McAWilliams seems to have got a shot of the ISS.

  5. Received this text on the subject of the International Space Station on Sunday night.

    "Just a few facts 4 u der are a crew of 7 on board d ISS, it's 209 miles up travellin at over 17000 miles an hour bein chased by daleks just bout to go over India now. PS I made d bit bout d Daleks up. It's really Cybermen!"