Tuesday, July 10, 2007

4th of July

We all know what the Americans are like. And 4th of July is the big summer holiday. So why not have a parade?

No parade is complete without a fire truck!

Yes, the woman above has balls of yarn for her Princess Leia hair.

The inevitable backup.

Some fancy cars...

The kiddies get in on the fun as well.

Ooooo, livestock! (Note the man carrying the bucket and shovel walking behind...)

And let's end it all with a biiiiig truck.

The parade is for a small town, and most of the people in the parade either squirt water guns at the spectators, or throw out candy. When we got back in our car, we had bits of chocolate thrown through the window (it's incredibly safe here. We don't lock the doors to the car or the house, we leave keys in the ignition, and there isn't even a full time police officer out here).

I'd like to point out, the rest of the day was enjoyed with a barbeque at home and lots of beer and lemonade.


  1. was fun...til I got squirted with the squirt gun and so did the camera!! i had to take these pics with a friend's camera, cause mine had a dead battery.

    I think this is the most innocent post on this blog!!

  2. It may be innocent but to be honest thats a great selection of shots you got there, sounds like you are having a ball all the same.

  3. Small town America looks an awful lot like small town Ireland.

    Well, until you showed that giant truck with "USA friendship" on the front.

    And the leaving the keys in the lock thing. Do that here and you'd be walking home.