Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Seeing yellow

I'm an angry football fan.

Not for the common reasons either. My team aren't crap, we're not being relegated, the players aren't all arseholes. SO maybe my anger is more with the processs of football across the water these days.

See I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan and as I'm walking past Lifestyle sports the other day I see this:

It's our new away jersey for next season. No great shakes you might think, and it isn't (I hate white away jerseys, I think they show a total lack of imagination!) But that's not what this is about. I liked the old away jersey:

It seems like only yesterday that it was launched. It took a while for me to get used to it and now it's gone already. When I were a lad the team's away jersey was the same colour sometimes for decades; now, with the advent of replica sales and because the home strip is almost never changed, it's where the money is. That and having different home and away strips for European competition.

Money making exercise? Definitely.

Annoying to those of us who resist change at all costs and feel like the world is spinning out of control whenever anything new is introduced in our line of sight? Oh yeah baby.

I suppose it could be worse.

At least they haven't brought back the grey one:


  1. I miss the old green one personally. The one with the hugh white stripes going from the shoulder to the chest. And my, those are incredibly short shorts that came with the grey strip!

  2. I know a nine year old who is weeding his way to the new away kit!

  3. There's a new black one of the way too...not too pleasing on the eye. Saw it when I was over there for the Boro game.

  4. I'm actually going to take back what I said about the white kit - it looks great on a smiling little kid :)