Friday, July 20, 2007

9 minutes to go.....

I just don't get it. (But I can kinda understand the excitement....a little..)


  1. The Canadian bookstore I was just visiting is in hyper-prep mode. Over in the (less populated) section with Science and Math books they're setting up the table where they issue out cards based on your name. Upstairs they've got a huge display going up. All over the place are posters and gimmicks. The staff are all in various costumes or at least a common black logo-laden t-shirt.

    I overheard one say to the other, "Man, we've got to kick everyone out in 90 minutes." This is hours before midnight in Canada. Jeezus.

  2. Have been at the last 4 midnight openings big boy that I am. Beat Milan to her book by a good 5 minutes last night. Not that I rang her to gloat.