Wednesday, July 04, 2007

America the Sparkly

Tomorrow is Fourth of July. We all know what that means in the, bbq, and fireworks.

Last night was the fireworks for where we are (2 nights early, it's rarely on the actual day). The town collects money all year, and then the fireworks are bought or organized. The fire chief is in charge of all of it, which must be a rush for him! Little Boy went with two of his friends who he has been dying to see (who arrived on Sunday night), and enjoyed himself muchly. We're going down to the beach tomorrow to see if any of the towns around us might have some on the night.

We were just going to do a small bbq, but apparently my mother has decided that we should be together on the 4th (really, I've never seen it as a family holiday...). And then our neighbor should be there too. And then two other people who mom would like to invite. So right now, we have 11 people (including the baby) coming tomorrow for a bbq.

I don't think I have enough wine to make this all okay. Forget sharing the wine, I don't think there's enough for ME.

On a happy note, Little Boy tonight caught his first fireflies in the front garden. :-)


  1. Your second home sounds lovely. Try to make best of it - get some tequila!! ;)

  2. oh yes, tequila is exactly what you need, and beer!

  3. Was in Disney in Anaheim this day last year - if anyone knows how to celebrate a national day it's our friends over the pond!

    Have a good one!

  4. Tequila, beer, a hot fudge sundae and a copy of Thelma & Louise!

  5. To heck with the drinking get a picture up of the caught firefly, I wanna see that.

  6. fireflies....are there any snakes in maine?