Tuesday, July 03, 2007

When it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

I'd like to affirm Midge's recent assertion that she doesn't write a sex blog. Particularly on the occasion of her three excellent posts tonight:

The 69 post

The broken sex toy post

The naked chick/boobs on display post



  1. Oh God now I regret leaving comments over there....she made me do it...

    She IS filthy though....

  2. For gods sake this is the third time I have had to comment in this way.

    HMM... Dirty

  3. Nope, I think it's well balanced. Sex should be part of every housewife's life, right? It's all domestic.

    Food, children, errant husbands, cleaning products and sex toys (and erotic pictures of the embroidered or line drawn variety). Perfect!

    Hwo often do YOU think about sex, Mister?

  4. look guys, I'm a housewife...what the hell else can I write about....coming soon "Cif versus Dettox in the battle to remove those stains under the toilet seat"?

  5. Hey, does anyone see me complaining? Secretly I'm fascinated at this insight into the sex life of the housewife!

  6. Now I have to confess, Ibought a book called '1001 Uses of Vinegar' last week. And worst of all, it's fascinating. I might even share some on my sex free blog.. now, who would you rather be married to? Me or the nympho? :)

  7. Hmm think my sarcasm flew over folks heads, I love seeing women talk about sex in such an open way, deep down I know all women are dirty really hehe, just some women wont let on, like the way women dont fart you know what I mean, so I applaud MW for her openess on been a nympho.

    As for me I think about sex all the time, actually possibly to much.

  8. I am not a nympho!!!I'm just a normal woman, and everyone thinks about sex alot of the time, we are animals after all. I think it's crap that men are allowed to talk about sex in such an open way, the talk about sex, their solo sex lives and porn, women can't, in some way it makes us dirty! It's the madonna whore thing I suppose! In fact I've found if you are more open about your own sexual experiences (in a non sleazy way) other women will talk about their own experiences. For instance women aparently don't play with themselves, then why are sex toys so popular? who is buying them? Puberty for women is all about bad skin and periods, puberty for boys is all about bad skin and wet dreams...I know which I'd rather have!

  9. I rememebr one late night teenage converstaion when a gobshite boy asked me if I 'frigged myself' - and I just thought, God, you have so much to learn!

  10. Yuck, that about sums up my experience of teenage boys (when i was a teenage girl I add) But can't there be a nice word for it, playing with yourself?

  11. In polite conversation I believe its known as pleasuring one's self.

    Shanachie, you make me laugh.