Thursday, July 12, 2007

Be a Simpson

Head over to the Simpsons Movie site and become a Springfield citizen. The dropdown menu is called Creat Your Simpsons Avatar.

Simpson Movie Site

When you've figured out how to save it, let me know! I love messing with this but even though I've registered and logged in I can't work out how to save it. I've seen them on other blogs so it is do-able. This is just DEADLY (said in the style of a Dublin Bart Simpson).

This is just my best post ever.


  1. I also love the Southpark one:

    We all have too much time on our hands...

  2. Can't get the shagging thing to save either, wouldn't mind it was an uncanny likeness....(or maybe not)

  3. Ok to download em, its easy enough after a while.

    Make your character, then at the end select arrow between the disk image and the printer image.

    A box appears and I clicked on jpg>download

    A popup warning may appear on your browser if it does allow the window to open.

    You will then get the option to download the avatar to your desktop.

    I think we should all create avatars for our own family here.

    I shall begin.

  4. Hmm you will need to store the image on a server if you want to use it here. Flickr is one option or you anyone needs me to store it on my server let me know.

  5. Ash you are completely right. This may be THE coolest site ever. Will get working on mine later!

  6. We should all do one and compile them. (But then the gender secrets will be out.......) ;-)

  7. you seem like a female to me though Aqua