Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fone Jacker

Well its Thursday, its raining, and the weekend is nearly in sight.

Tonight though I cant wait to see the second installment from E4's latest creation "Fonejacker". I know the prank phone call thing has been done to death on numerous radio stations etc over the years, so what makes this so entertaining?

Watch for yourself.

The graphics to be honest.

The picture editing and graphics for the show are amazing, very cheap and nasty looking but so, so effective.

So my plans for tonight watch some big brother then tune into E4 at 10.30 to watch himself, may I recommend you do too.


  1. Shan you're a genius! How do you display Youtube videos like this in a blogspot blog? Have always wanted to do this!

  2. You have much to learn young padawan.

    But to explain allow me.

    You find a video you wish to display on you tube and, notice to the right of the visuals is the details of who put the video up etc, you will.

    Box labeled embed, down at the bottom of that box is. The force you require, this is. Yeesssssss.

    Highlight all the text in that by double clicking inside the box and copy it with ctrl+c on a pc or apple+c on a mac.

    Then of pasting that stuff into your post its a simple case.

    All for now, that is. Hmmmmmm.


  3. Christ. Not that simple is it? Thank you o wise jedi master. There's no stopping me now.

  4. Just saw a bit of it Shan. You're right, the graphics are a hoot in themselves. Bit of a letdown though after my brill evening of The Alastair Campbell Diaries and Heroes!