Saturday, July 07, 2007

Call me Muriel!

Here's a topic for the collective, what is your feel good movie? Or movies? What makes you feel great when you watch it? I have three, Muriel's Wedding, The Birdcage and Priscilla Queen of the Desert!
Recently I was watching Muriel's wedding and the scene where Toni Collette and Rachel Weiz sing Waterloo was on, my heart soars, I feel so affirmed and positive, full of life when i watch it! I love Toni Collette, she's a great actress and so alive. When I watch her as Muriel I want to get dressed up and go to an Abbaesque gig!
I know it's tacky, I know it's low brow, but when i watch these films I'm reminded of some of the beautiful things about being a human being, love, hope and happiness! These are three qualities that I admire in other people, it's hard to maintain these in the face of adversity, but I try!


  1. Wow. We almost went one whole day without a post. What would Shan have said about that? :)

    I find anything by Woody Allen extremely theraputic.

  2. Did anyoen ever see a Franch film called A La Mode? It's set i na smal town where two tradesmen, I think a butcher and a tailor, tke in apprentices. It's incredibly sweet, abut the whole time I was watching it I kept waiting for things to go horrible wrong - and they never did! It just got sweeter and sweeter til the happy ending - my favourite kind of film. I've never been able to find it since, though, I must search online...

  3. I used to love Dead Poet's Society. Especialy the final scene where they all stand up on their desks as a show of solidarity for Robin Williams.. Touching. I love Garden State too. It always leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy at the end.

  4. My favourite feel good movies are "The Muppet Movie" and "Beautiful Thing".

    Have you seen "Shortbus" yet MW? It's up there with the best feel good movies but is quite possibly the rudest, almost mainstream movie you'll ever see. Think "Friends" meets "Sex & the City" meets "Queer as Folk". You'll never hear the American National anthem in the same way again!

  5. I will always watch The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, or Gotcha! when they're on tv. Same with SInging in the Rain.

    I have so many movies that I love, it's hard to narrow it down!! Chocolat (well, the chocolate theme helps!), My Fair Lady, Serenity, One Crazy Summer, Meatballs, Blazing Saddles...and, without a doubt, Rocky Horror Picture Show. I even took my dad to that one!

  6. Cinema Paradiso.

    I love it, love it, love it. I cry and cry and cry.

  7. wow, some of these I've seen and some I haven't, love Cinema Paradiso, and the Rocky Horror, we used to go to the classic, many a night in short shorts and high heels I'm sure I looked like a hooker!